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Laundry Room Cabinet Painting Tricks To Master in Wrentham, MA

In looking to have a better looking laundry room, you may look to your cabinets and consider replacing them – but this is not necessary as you can get great results improving your cabinet through repainting — whether you change the color or colors or keep them the same.

Of course, there are certain things you can do along the way while painting that will make your cabinets look even better and which, if you do them correctly, will help the process of painting the cabinets to be a less time consuming one and perhaps a less expensive one.

Let’s look at some laundry room cabinet painting tricks to master

1. Be Sure What Color Or Colors You Will Use

Though of course you are more than welcome to choose any color you like for your laundry cabinets, you may come to regret it if you choose a color that doesn’t go with the room, so to speak.

If you are looking around the laundry room, you may well see a certain theme or feeling to the room, and it would be a good idea to get a color or colors for your cabinets that goes with that theme.

This is far better than just arbitrarily choosing a color and painting your cabinets and hoping that that color will look right on the cabinets.

2. Clean After Sanding

It’s entirely possible that you’re going to look at your cabinets after you have finished the process of sanding them (a rather necessary step in order to make for a smoother surface to be painted) and think that you can just go on with the next step in the painting process.

However, if you really want well painted laundry room cabinets, it’s important that you make the time to clean the cabinets before you go on to the next step which is usually applying a coat of primer — or you will find that the loose sanding dust that has come up from the sanding process will find its way into your paint, ultimately.

Clean the sanding dust and then allow time for your cabinets to dry before you continue.

3. Use Two Coats If Needed Be

There are some cases where you will be able to apply just one coat of paint to your laundry room cabinets and then, once the coat of paint has dried, be satisfied with the way that it looks.

You should be prepared, however, for the possibility that you’re going to apply just one coat of paint to the cabinets and allow it to dry and then find yourself looking at the color and thinking that it just doesn’t look right.

That could be a sign that you should apply a second coat of paint to the cabinets — but only after you have allowed time for the first coat of paint to dry, of course.

4. Prime Before You Paint

In the pursuit of well painted cabinets, you should do anything you can in order to get the surfaces that are going to be painted to be smooth and one such thing is going to be the application of a coat of primer before the first coat of paint.

The really nice thing about primer is that it does two important things for your laundry room cabinet painting job — one is that it makes it easier to apply the paint after it has dried, for as mentioned above it is smoother than the cabinets without it.

The second thing that it does is that it gets the paint that you apply to stay on longer, and so you will see that it will be a longer time before it looks like the cabinets need to be painted again.

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