Exterior Painting

Our Exterior Painting Process

  • The exterior siding will be pressure washed to clean and remove loose or chalky paint or stain if applicable.
  • Rotten wood is identified and can be replaced by a carpenter prior to exterior painting or staining.
  • Drop cloths are laid down and plastic is draped over selected items prior to exterior painting or staining.
  • Loose paint or stain if applicable is scraped and wire brushed before applying paint or stain.
  • Bare wood surfaces are electronically moisture tested prior to exterior painting or staining ensuring the moisture around 15% or under.
  • Bare wood is primed before applying any paint to the house siding or trim if the paint being used is not a self-priming paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.
  • Popped nails are re-nailed before applying the exterior paint or stain.
  • Holes can be patched and gaps caulked prior to the exterior painting or staining.
  • Exterior painting or staining is completed by our painters in a professional, timely manner.
  • A final walk through is performed with the client to ensure that the exterior painting or staining was completed as specified.
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