Our Story

John's Story

My Dad was a high school teacher and owned a painting company called Power Painting. I began painting with my Father and Brother during Summer vacations.

After getting my real estate license in 2004, I began to meet many homeowners looking for help to improve their homes prior to putting it on the market. I started Power Handyman and Remodeling Service to accommodate their needs and the business continued to grow.

In 2018 my Brother got laid off from a corporate job and was helping me part-time while he looked for work. My older sister was going through cancer treatment at the time. We were working in her house when I started to have chest pains while moving a cabinet. I ended up having three stents put in and needed to reevaluate how I was running the business. A short time later my Brother and I created Power Painting Plus. Our company is focused on Interior and Exterior Painting and Cabinet Refinishing and we continue to service Realtors and homeowners who are buying or selling their home.

Rick's Story

I was working as a Regional Manager for a medical equipment company when I got laid off in 2016. At this time my sister, Lauren was going through treatment for breast cancer. I decided I wanted to stay local and have more control over my schedule so I could be there for her during this challenging time for our family.

My Brother owned a growing remodeling and handyman company and was consistently getting requests for painting work that he was turning away. During High School, my summer vacations were spent painting houses with my Dad who was a school teacher so I suggested we expand into the painting business.

The painting services took off quickly and we formed a new company called Power Painting Plus. We have since added Cabinet Refinishing and Epoxy Floors to our service offerings.

We continue to grow the business one customer at a time by being responsive to our customers, providing high-quality workmanship, and standing behind our work.

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