2022-04-07 Power Painting Plus Franklin MA Living Room Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Living Room Cabinet Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Franklin, MA

When you have a living room that looks as though it is lacking in some sense, one way that you can make it look better is to see the cabinets and consider how they can possibly improve upon them.

Some people would want to tell you that you should replace your cabinets, but you might want to know that painting the cabinets can get them looking nice once more without the impact on the environment as well as the tremendous cost that can come with entirely replacing your cabinets in the living room.

However, since you are painting the living room cabinets, it’s worth noting that there are some mistakes that can easily be made that would derail the project and maybe even cause it to cost a lot more, and to have you need to start all over again.

Here are some living room cabinet painting mistakes to avoid in Franklin, MA

1. Not Planning Out The Project

Though it can certainly be said that the painting of living room cabinets is a lot less complicated than other painting projects both in and outside of the house, you should realize that any given painting project needs to be well planned out.

You should know in advance how much paint and primer you are going to use as well as when you are going to be doing all of the steps starting with cleaning the cabinets and finishing with allowing the second coat of paint to dry – with plenty of steps in between.

If you don’t plan the project out at all you may find yourself perhaps running out of paint or primer, or even maybe finding yourself working at odd hours because you haven’t planned times for anything – not an ideal situation.

2. Leaving On The Hardware

You may look at the cabinets and think that it would be just as easy to paint them with the hardware – how hard could it be to apply some painter’s tape and just paint around the hardware, after all?

As it turns out, it will be a lot more difficult, and in fact just the fact that the hardware is there means that you won’t be able to so easily move the brush along the surface of the doors and drawers, and you will still be working hard to avoid the hardware.

The far more easy thing to do is to entirely remove the hardware — and while you have it off, you may even think about shopping around for replacements!

3. Not Allowing Surfaces To Dry

If you don’t make the time to allow surfaces to dry before moving on to the next step, you will suffer tremendously in the painting project.

This is because there are all kinds of painting problems that come about from doing things like applying paint to a wet surface – you will see paint that does not properly adhere to the surface, and that will just come right off in peeling.

The best thing you can do is that whenever you have a surface that becomes moist, you should make sure that you wait for it to fully dry before going on to the next step in the project.

4. Choosing A Color That Coordinates

There are a lot of colors from which you will be able to choose your paint in terms of painting your living room cabinet paints.

The thing that you should do in making this choice is to look around the room and think about how the color or colors will go with the other ones in the room — do they match at all, or is there a contrast?

Getting a small sample will help you see how the color will look in your space.

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