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Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets? 5 Mistakes Not To Make in Franklin, MA

Your kitchen is an important place in the house where food is prepared and stored and sometimes conversations happen that wouldn’t happen in any other room in the house — it’s just that kind of a room.

The kitchen cabinets you have can make up so much of what is essential to the room — and when they start to look like they don’t look so good anymore, you may want to think about either replacing or updating their look otherwise, perhaps by painting, to make them look better.

However, it should be mentioned that the nature of painting a set of kitchen cabinets brings along with it the possibility that you may err while you are doing so — and these can be the very kind of mistakes that will increase the cost of such a project quite a bit or even make it take a lot longer than it really should.

Let’s look at five mistakes not to make in Franklin, MA when you are painting your kitchen cabinets.

1. Not Allowing For Proper Ventilation

One big mistake that people make when they’re painting their kitchen cabinets does not allow for a good system of ventilation to be in place while they are painting.

Even if you were to theoretically make use of the lowest emitting paint in terms of volatile organic compounds, you should still ensure that there is a good kind of airflow while you are painting.

Just about any paint is going to have strong smells associated with it, and you’re going to need to have fresh air coming in — so this means having windows open and a door as well so there can be proper airflow.

2. Not Wearing Painting Protection Gear

Speaking of protection, it’s imperative that you wear some kind of protective clothing and gear during the painting project.

You can just imagine how much more difficult it is to get paint off of your skin than it is to wear clothing about which you do not particularly care so it’s a good start to wear such clothing — so in other words nothing you’d cry over if it were ruined.

You are also not going to want to paint without some kind of face mask so that you aren’t breathing in the dust and the like from the cleaning part of the painting project — as well as eye protection.

3. Leaving The Doors And Drawers On While You Paint

In the course of painting your typical kitchen cabinets, you might not think that it’s worth the time to fully remove the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, thinking that it’s going to take such a long time that you aren’t going to want to do it.

It is well worth it, however, as when you have kitchen cabinets you will do a much better job painting the doors when they are flat rather than hanging upright and they won’t get in your way while you are painting — and the drawers will just get in the way of the rest of the cabinets while painting.

4. Not Protecting The Floor

Back to protection — the process of painting kitchen cabinets can get to be a bit messy, and there is often dripping paint that is involved.

You have to ensure that the paint that drips doesn’t get onto your floors, as it is quite difficult to remove.

With that, you should make use of some kind of a drop cloth to protect the floor, as it’s a lot easier to take care of a drop cloth than to clean your floors!

5. Rushing The Painting Project

Lastly, you have to take your time when you are painting your kitchen cabinets.

If you rush while you are painting, you are likely to make mistakes such as not waiting for your paint to dry before adding a second coat or even not waiting for the cabinet to dry after cleaning it before applying primer.

These all lead to poorly painted cabinets.

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