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Dining Room Cabinet Painting With Less Mess In Wrentham, MA

Your dining room cabinets are some of the most important cabinets in the home and when they start to look a bit on the worn side you may think that your only choice is to replace the cabinets entirely.

This is not the case at all, however — you can look at getting the cabinets painted and the good thing about this is that in some cases by painting you can in a sense extend the life of your cabinets significantly.

Painting can get messy but you can make a painting project like the painting of your dining room cabinets less messy if you follow some basic steps.

Let’s have a look at some tips for dining room cabinet painting with less mess.

1. Remove The Doors And Drawers

One of the best ways that you can make sure that you have less mess when you are painting your dining room cabinets is to remove the doors and drawers that are attached to the cabinets.

The reason that removing these is so good for your painting project in terms of preventing a mess is that you are going to have a much easier time accessing the rest of the cabinets when you don’t have the drawers and doors getting in your way.

On top of that, you are going to find that you will be able to apply primer and paint to your doors and drawers more easily when you have removed them — and this will make it easier to not make a mess.

2. Lay Down a Dropcloth Near Your Cabinets

A fairly simple way that you’re going to be able to avoid having a mess when you are painting is if you first make sure that you lay down some dropcloth near where you are going to be painting your cabinets.

Though of course, you may well want to believe that you can slowly paint your cabinets and therefore couldn’t possibly get any paint on the floor, you will almost always drip some and even sometimes spill as you paint and therefore the best remedy is preventative.

In this case, that means putting down a dropcloth so that anything that drips or spills ends up on the cloth and not the floor.

3. Don’t Paint Too Quickly

It’s a bit strange how some of the most seemingly unrelated things can help you to prevent a mess while you are painting — such as making sure not to paint too quickly.

The issue that you can have when you are painting is that if you paint too quickly, you may find that you make certain painting mistakes — and some of these mistakes are the sort that will cause messes in your home.

By taking your time in painting you will not only avoid these mistakes that cause messes but you are overall going to have a better looking set of cabinets as the paint will be applied more evenly.

4. Primer Before Paint

The question often comes up if it really is necessary to apply a coat of primer before you apply a coat of paint, and the answer is almost always unequivocally yes.

This is the kind of thing that is truly helpful in getting paint to stay on your surfaces being painted, but it will also be quite useful in terms of helping you make for a less messy painting project.

Because of the very nature of primer in that it helps you get paint on more smoothly, you will find that when you apply paint after a coat of primer that it is easier to apply and therefore you will make less of a mess in painting.

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