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How To Know It’s Time To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets in Franklin, MA.

When you have some kitchen cabinets and you are looking at them and admiring them you may think that at some point you are going to need to paint them – and this is true, but the real question is when do you have to do it?

In looking to improve your kitchen, you are going to have to occasionally need to paint your kitchen cabinets, but there is no need to spend the time and money to paint them unless the paintwork is actually necessary.

Let’s have a look at some key indicators that it very well may be time to paint your kitchen cabinets in Franklin, MA.

1. It’s Been Ten Years Or More

One of the simplest ways that you might be able to determine that the time has come for you to paint your kitchen cabinets is if it has been at least ten years since they were last painted.

This is not to say that ten years is an absolute hard rule and that once you have hit that number you must immediately run to the paint store and start planning a paint job but given that the average paint job on kitchen cabinets can be anywhere from five to seven years, you can imagine that ten years is pushing it just a bit as far as paint jobs go.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that your cabinets will look just fine, but perhaps if you more carefully look at them you will see the hidden flaws that could be corrected with a paint job — but on the other hand, it might just mean you just need to wait another half year to a year!

2. The Colors Are No Longer You

When you are looking at the colors of your kitchen cabinet and you realize that they do not speak to you, so to speak, you should think about painting the cabinets anew.

The interesting thing about making this choice to paint your kitchen cabinets based on the colors no longer representing who you are is that you don’t have to wait that long to do it, even if it has only been a couple of years since your kitchen cabinets were painted.

It’s true of course that this can be a rather pricey undertaking and that it can take quite a while to do but do you really want to live with kitchen cabinets that are colors that are just so different from you, fundamentally?

It’s entirely possible that you’ve just moved into your home and the people that lived there prior to you were the most perfectly wonderful people but for some reason thought that violet was the be-all color and so painted as many things as possible that color, and you… just don’t — it’s okay to change the colors of your kitchen cabinets.

3. You’re Looking To Sell

We really do think a lot of our own choices in painting, especially when it comes to painting our kitchen cabinets.

This does not mean that the choices that we make for our kitchen cabinets are necessarily going to be the best ones for getting our homes sold.

For example, the color choices that one will use when they’re just looking to paint their kitchen cabinets because they want them to look nice for their own purposes are not necessarily the ones that the typical home buyer is going to want to see when they’re going home shopping as it were.

It’s well worth looking into what people are most interested in in terms of kitchen cabinet colors and what is popular at the time that you’re starting to think about putting your home up for sale.

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