2021-06-07 Power Painting Franklin MA Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

7 Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades To Consider in Franklin, MA

When you are thinking about how you can make your kitchen better, one thing that you might want to do is to improve upon your existing kitchen cabinets — after all, making something better is the preferable way to do things over replacing them.

There are many ways that you can improve upon your kitchen cabinets, and some of them are more aesthetic whereas others are more in line with improvements that help with the functionality of the cabinet itself.

Let’s now look at seven kitchen cabinet upgrades to consider in Franklin, MA.

1. Decals On The Doors

One fairly simple way that you can improve your kitchen cabinets is to add some decals to your kitchen cabinet doors.

There are many kinds of decals that you can get, and the nice thing is that you don’t even have to look for decals that are meant for the kitchen — you can get just about any decal that will stick to a flat surface and that will reflect your personality and interests.

This could be anything from your interests in television shows to sports — it will work for your kitchen cabinets!

2. Removing Selective Doors

One way that you can improve your kitchen cabinets that make them a bit more useful in some ways is to entirely remove one or more of the kitchen cabinet doors.

The good thing about removing doors is that you’re going to have a better view of what is in your cabinets when you don’t have the doors on them.

3. Liners For The Drawers

A somewhat simple update to your kitchen cabinets is to add liners to the drawers.

This is beneficial in that it will protect the kitchen cabinet drawers from things like scratches and other damage that might happen during the use of the cabinets.

By having liners there, you will ensure that the damage is minimized.

4, Removable Wallpaper

Sometimes we want to change up the look of the kitchen cabinets but we do not wish to change up the look for too long of a period of time — yet we want to do something to mix up the look, even briefly.

One way that this can be done is to make use of removable wallpaper — the kind of wallpaper that is meant to be applied to the wall and then removed later.

Even though wallpaper might be thought of as being only for walls, it easily will work for making updates in other ways.

5. Spice Organizer

A practical way that you can update your kitchen cabinets is to add a spice organizer to your cabinet space — and if you are thinking that it might not serve a purpose, think again.

Even if you don’t use a lot of spices in your kitchen, it’s still a good idea to have some sort of spice organizer as it will help you to find the ones you need.

6. Under Cabinet Lighting

As great as your lighting is in your kitchen, you can get even better lighting if you add under cabinet lighting.

The nice thing about under cabinet lighting is that it will help you to see as you are preparing your food during the cooking process.

One of the best things that you can do for under cabinet lighting is to make sure that the lights are adjustable and not just straight on and off for it will be a lot better at night when you only need a little light and not a lot.

7. Contrasting Color

Lastly, think about the idea of adding a contrasting color to your kitchen cabinets.

As fantastic as your cabinets may look as they are, it’s possible that just by adding a contrasting color your cabinets will look that much better.

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