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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Exterior

When you’re considering painting the exterior of your home, you tend to think about how much it’s going to improve your house’s look, the health of it, and the overall curb appeal — it will definitely look a lot nicer once you have painted it.

However, you may wish to consider that there are some mistakes that you may encounter in the process of painting your home exterior that could entirely ruin your painting project or at least add substantially to the cost of painting it.

With that being the case, let’s now look at and consider five mistakes to avoid when painting your exterior in Wrentham, MA.

1. Not Carefully Placing Your Ladders Or Exterior Scaffolding

When you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, you will, of course, need to spend some time painting the higher areas of your home — it’s not possible to paint them without some ladder or scaffolding system.

A lot of people make for themselves because they either use a ladder and are not careful about how they put them in place, or they use a scaffolding system and don’t realize that it has to be only used on certain kinds of surfaces to be stable.

Do yourself a favor and triple check the placement of these systems to be safe and secure when painting your home exterior.

2. Not Cleaning Your Home Exterior Before Painting

The painting of your home exterior, if you want to make sure that it is done correctly, has to start with a clean and dry surface.

Some might think that it’s not that important since you’re going to be painting and that you can paint over minor things like a little dust or mold — but this is not the case.

It’s fundamentally important that you properly clean your home exterior so that you then don’t have surface issues later on — and of course, make sure that you allow it to dry!

3. Not Measuring Your Exterior before Buying Paint

When you are painting the exterior of your home, you need to know how much paint you are going to need — if you get too little paint, you will need to get more (which is a major time-waster), and if you get too much, you will end up with buckets of paint that will sit unused until they go bad — and paint does go bad.

Better to measure your home exterior and find out how much exterior there is to be painted, and then you can get a good estimate of how much paint you are going to need to be based on that.

4. Not Taking Care Of Surface Issues

You may need to take care of many exterior surface issues before painting your home — and some of them are more urgent than others.

Having holes in your home exterior, for example, can lead to all kinds of paint problems later on if you don’t patch them and properly sand them.

Even a rusty nail that may be sticking out can end up causing rust to show up on the exterior of your home if you don’t take the time to remove it and clean the area.

5. Painting In The Wrong Weather

Lastly, you need to carefully consider the weather in which you are painting and whether it is appropriate for your painting the exterior of your home.

Specifically, you will want to make sure not to paint when it is either too cold or too hot and certainly not when it is raining.

Look to paint at no lower than forty and no higher than ninety degrees Fahrenheit if you are painting with oil-based paint.

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