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7 Tips For Painting Your Bedroom

When you’re looking to update the look of your home, one place that you may consider starting is one of the bedrooms — after all, it’s a place where you spend a good amount of time, albeit some of it is asleep.

Since you make good use of the room, it’s nice to have it match your style and personality — and one way you can accomplish this is by painting your bedroom.

Let us now look at and consider seven tips for painting your bedroom in Franklin, MA.

1. Clean First

The first key to having a good paint job is to start by having a good clean paint surface upon which you will be applying your paint and the area where you are painting.

This means that you need to make sure that even the floor in the area where the painting takes place is clean — lest you want the dust from the floor to end up mixed in with your paint on the wall.

2. Don’t Go Cheap On Supplies

One mistake that some people will make when they are painting their bedroom is to try to cut the paintwork price by getting lower priced paint or brushes or the like.

This is a mistake for many reasons, chief among them being that when you get lower-priced (and in many cases quality) paint, it lasts a short time and has to be replaced often.

Cheaper brushes, similarly, might seem like a good deal, but when you find yourself struggling to paint, it will seem like less of a good deal.

3. Remove The Furniture

If there’s one thing that will hamper the painting process, it has things in your way.

For example, Furniture can easily inhibit the painting of your bedroom — and if you can remove it from the room, all the better.

4. Cover Up What You Can’t Remove

If you find that there is furniture that you can’t remove from the bedroom (the bed may prove to be difficult, for example), you should take the time to cover it so that it doesn’t get covered in paint.

What you use to cover the furniture will vary, but as long as it is sufficiently heavy and won’t let paint through, it will work.

5. Heavy Drop Cloths To Protect The Floor

When you are looking to paint your bedroom; one of the things that need protection from dripping paint is the floor.

Unlike other things you are going to protect, the floor should be covered with a heavy drop cloth.

This is the case because lighter weight floor coverings will lift off the floor when you walk around the painting area, defeating the purpose of having a covering on the floor.

6. Precondition Your Paint Roller Covers

Before you use your paint rollers for the first time, you’re going to want to treat your paint roller covers to make sure that you do as good of a job as is possible with them.

What this specifically means is that you should use a solution of a little soap and water and your hand to scrub the roller cover thoroughly.

This will get the smaller fluffier bits off the paint roller that may very well end in the paint itself if not removed first.

7. Illumination Is Essential

Lastly, think about the room and how well illuminated it is when you have on the lights — is it possible to be better lit with some added lighting?

Having a well-lit room is important to painting your room — you can see parts of the wall that need to be better painted.


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