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5 Things You Should Do When You Are Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Wrentham, MA

When it comes to areas of your home that get a lot of attention in terms of painting, it’s entirely possible that the cabinets in your bathroom will be amongst some of the last — and yet if you think about how important the room is, it’s one that should get your attention.

If your bathroom cabinets are looking worn and yet are sufficiently solid in that there’s nothing physically wrong with them (yet it just doesn’t look as nice as they used to) you don’t have to replace the cabinets — you can spend a lot less money and time in just painting them to give them a new look.

Let’s now look at and consider five things you should do when you are painting your bathroom cabinets in Wrentham, MA.

1. Properly Clean The Room Before You Paint

One of the first things you should do when you are thinking about painting your bathroom cabinets is to make sure that the room is fully cleaned.

Even though it’s only going to be the bathroom cabinets and no other part of the room, you still have to take into consideration that the environment in which you are painting and that means one that is clean.

The big issue of painting your kitchen cabinets in such an environment is that a dirty environment will make for a dirty paint job — and if you are cleaning and find mildew on your walls, better to take care of it early on than later when it gets worse, right?

2. Inspecting For Mold And Mildew

Speaking of mold and mildew, you should be on the lookout for both mold and mildew when you are inspecting your bathroom cabinets prior to beginning the painting process.

Mold and mildew can be quite an awful thing that you will find sometimes on your bathroom cabinets that if left untreated will lead to a flourishing mold invasion that is quite unhealthy for you and your bathroom cabinets.

Better to fully remove the mold and then make sure that you make use of a paint that is resistant to it coming back.

3. Removing The Doors And Drawers

In the course of painting your bathroom cabinets, you’re going to want to make sure that you remove the doors and drawers prior to painting.

The reason that this is such a good idea is twofold — you will have a much easier time painting if these are out of the way — and it’s a lot easier to paint them if they are not attached to the cabinet.

4. Matching Paint Color To The Walls And Floor

When you’re painting your bathroom cabinets, one of the most important choices that you’re going to be making is that of the color of the cabinets — or colors if you choose to paint them more than one, of course.

Though you do not have to match the paint color of the cabinets, you should certainly consider how the color or colors of the cabinets will look in comparison to walls and the floor.

If your bathroom cabinet’s colors do not coordinate at all with either the floor or the walls, you can be almost assured that it will not look quite right in the bathroom.

5. Ventilate Well

Lastly, you have to make sure that while you are painting the bathroom cabinets you keep the bathroom well ventilated.

Paint, even when it purports to be of low or no VOC, can have fumes that are not exactly the best when you’re in an enclosed space such as a bathroom.

The best thing you can do while you are painting is to do things like opening windows and doors and allowing a good flow of air.

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