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Library Cabinet Painting Advice in Franklin, MA

You might think that you pretty much have it made once you have a room in which you have all of your books (or rather, all of the important books that you keep for the purpose of your more serious reading… there are plenty of books that you can feel free to keep in other rooms in your home, of course) but when was the last time you updated your library cabinets?

The truth is that your library cabinets are only as good as the quality of their paintwork and over time any paint job will need to be redone and when that time comes, you’re going to want to make sure that you do a good job getting the cabinets painted.

Let’s look at some library cabinet painting advice that you’ll be able to use in Franklin, MA

1. Protect Books Before Painting

Even though there’s a very good chance that the books in your library may be nowhere near your cabinets, you nevertheless should make an effort to do what you can in order to protect the books.

Whether this means that you’re going to be covering bookshelves with some sort of tarp or cloth, or if it means that you will be removing certain shelves of books entirely (a bit more difficult and time-consuming but may be well worth it to ensure your more valuable books get zero paint on them) it is worth doing.

2. Use A Paint That’s Easy To Clean

Once you’re actually in the process of applying paint to your library cabinets, you’re going to want to make use of a kind of paint that is somewhat easy to clean.

The reason that this is the case is that if you somehow get some sort of stain on your library cabinets, you will want to be able to perhaps take a moist cloth and wipe off the stains easily and not struggle to get them clean.

Being in your library, easy to clean is something that should be in your regular vocabulary and the best way you can take care of your cabinets is by using glossy paint – the glossier your paint, the easier it will be to clean.

3. Remove Hardware

When it comes to painting cabinets in your library, you might be thinking that the term hardware is going to be referring to something somewhat complicated, but that could not be further from the truth.

Indeed, the hardware that is referred to when you are working with a set of cabinets in your library is more specifically the pulls that are to be found on your doors and drawers.

The reason that you should remove these is that it’s a bit easier to paint your cabinets when you don’t have the hardware on the doors and drawers.

Of course, when you have the doors and drawers without their hardware, you might want to look at the other options that you have as far as hardware goes – you don’t have to limit yourself to using the same hardware that you already had on there!

4. Carefully Choose Your Color

If you are going to change up the look of your cabinets by going with a different color, you’re going to want to be careful in selecting the color that will ultimately be on the cabinets – or colors, if you want to go with more than one color.

This is because you should look at the various colors that can be found in the room and assess if the color or colors that you are going to use on the cabinets are going to look good with the colors that are already in the room.

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