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5 Creative Things To Do With Leftover Paint in Wrentham, MA

In the course of updating the look of your home, it’s entirely possible that you will do some painting and in doing so, find yourself with a bit more paint than you actually needed.

This can come as a result of a number of reasons — it might be that you just purchased too much paint in the first place, or that the amount of paint that you needed was not feasible in terms of what comes in a standard set of paint buckets.

Of course, the good news is that there’s more to paint than just painting the exterior and interior of your home — and with a little work and time, you can actually make some pretty good use of this leftover paint.

With that being the case, let’s look at five creative things to do with leftover paint in Wrentham, MA

1. Lamp

One thing that you can consider doing with some of the leftover paint from your previous interior or exterior painting project is to perhaps paint a lamp.

This is not to say that you should paint the lampshade, of course, but rather the base of the lamp, which is much more appropriate for such a paint job.

The nice thing about this kind of project is that you aren’t going to necessarily need a lot of paint to get it done — and if you have more than one can of leftover paint, you can have a couple of colors for your lamp!

2. Cabinet Doors

If you have a set of cabinets in your home that could use a bit of new life, one thing that you can do is to selectively add some color to one or more of the cabinet doors that were not previously there.

It’s important to bear in mind when you are doing this that you should try to figure out how many of the cabinet doors you are going to paint so that you’ll be able to see how much of your leftover paint will be necessary.

3. Nightstand

A rather pleasant use for your leftover paint involves taking your standard nightstand that one can find at a flat pack kind of store or even a secondhand store.

A well painted nightstand is not going to need a lot of paint, and with the paint that you are likely to have leftover from an interior painting project, you very well could have just the right amount of paint that you will need to paint a nightstand.

4. Wooden Figures

A more whimsical use of the leftover paint from an interior or exterior painting project comes in the form of wooden figures that one might sometimes find in hobby shops.

The really nice thing about making use of the leftover paint for this kind of project is that you can paint the figures to look like all kinds of things or just make them abstract works of art as it were, and the choice is entirely yours how you are going to choose to make use of the blank canvas that comes in the form of these figures to allow you to express yourself.

5. Ceramic Vase

Lastly, you should consider if you have a plain ceramic vase in your home — or even any other vase that can be painted — and take the extra paint that you have from your painting projects to paint it.

The one caveat here is that you should be aware that just because you can paint a vase of some sort with paint that was meant for interior or exterior painting does not mean that it is necessarily going to adhere to the surface of the vase well.

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