2022-10-20 Power Painting Plus Wrentham MA Basement Cabinet Painting Tips

Basement Cabinet Painting Tips In Wrentham, MA

In your home, you may find yourself looking about and working on how you can improve the look of the house, but one thing that you may not consider is that the basement is an important part of the house as well and at some point, your basement cabinets need a touch-up — and this is almost always the case with basement cabinets.

The good thing to know about painting your basement cabinets is that there are things you can do to improve the process, and if you learn them well your cabinets can look fantastic.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting your basement cabinets.

1. Choose An Appropriate Color

One thing that’s going to help you when you’re looking to paint your basement cabinets is to have a good color chosen for it — of course, this will not apply if you have no thought to painting the cabinets other than to enhance the existing look of the cabinets.

If, however, you are looking to truly change up the look of your cabinets, you will have to look at picking a color or colors and though ultimately you are going to be the one making use of the cabinet and will know what looks good for you, there are a few basic guidelines you can use.

Since it’s a basement, you might want to consider going with a more neutral color for the cabinets — unless, of course, you have bright colors all around in your basement.

The good thing about choosing cabinet colors is that as long as they go together well, and also go with what is in the basement, it should make for a good looking set of cabinets.

2. Clean Before You Paint

Here you may think that this means that you should clean the cabinets well before you paint them, and this is of course the case but you should also clean the area near the cabinets.

The reason that this is the case is that the area near your cabinets can affect the paintwork — if you have dust and dirt near your painting area, that might find its way onto the cabinet as you are painting.

The best thing that you can do is to make sure to fully clean the area near your cabinets before you start the painting process

3. Use Primer Before The Paint

It’s important to make use of a coat of primer before you apply the first of two (or so) coats of paint because your painting project as it will help you in a couple of ways.

One of these ways is that having a primer on your cabinets will help to make the application of paint — that is to say, it is a smoother surface that you get after applying primer, and that is certainly a good thing in painting your cabinets.

Moreover, when you apply primer to your cabinets before you paint them you are in a sense ensuring that the paintwork will last longer as the paint will stay on the surface that you have painted for a longer period of time — primer makes a surface more adhesive.

4. Remove Hardware Before You Paint

Lastly (for now – we may return to this topic in the future) you should certainly make sure that you remove the hardware of your cabinets before you paint them.

By removing the hardware, you improve upon the process of painting your cabinets because you don’t have to take all the extra time to protect the hardware from paint or to slowly paint around the hardware to avoid getting paint on it.

As a small bonus, you can think about changing up the hardware on your cabinets and perhaps get something vintage!

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