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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Professional Painting Contractor in Franklin, MA

In any given painting project, you are going to find yourself in one of two positions, fundamentally — that of a person who tackles the project on their own, fundamentally, or who hires a professional painting contractor to do said project.

If you are going to go with a professional painting contractor, you should not just use just the first professional painting contractor you find listed but rather take the time to ask some good questions to find out if it will be worth hiring that particular painting contractor.

Let’s look at seven questions you should ask your professional painting contractor in Franklin, MA

1. Is The Cost Of Paint Included

One of the first and possibly most important questions that you should ask your potential painting contractor is if the cost of paint is going to be included in the price of the paintwork that they will be estimated for you.

The reason that this is going to be so important is that if you presume that the cost of paint is included and it turns out that it is not included, your final bill is going to be possibly significantly higher than what you thought it was going to be.

By knowing if the cost of the paint is going to be included, you will save yourself this problem.

2. Do You Clean Up Afterward

There are of course professional painting contractors that are going to clean up the area where the painting takes place once they have finished, but not all do this.

If you make sure to ask your professional painting contractor does clean, you will know if you are going to need to take the time to clean up the area yourself — or perhaps move on to another contractor who will promise to clean up afterward.

3. Are You Licensed And Insured

If you do not get the right answers to these questions, you should absolutely move on and find a different painting contractor.

Without being both licensed and insured, you cannot be sure that you will be covered should an accident occur and you might not even be assured of quality work if the contractor is not licensed.

4. Do You Use Subcontractors Or Employees

This is an especially tricky question and it should be asked because you might find yourself dealing with a different caliber of work if your contractor uses subcontractors as opposed to employees.

Contractors who use subcontractors will often not give their subcontractors the same kinds of benefits as those who have full employees — and quite often these subcontractors will put forth the effort that they feel they need to make given those benefits.

5. May I Get Some Referrals?

One thing that you should do in trying to find out if you have a good possible painting contractor is to ask them for some referrals — people who have used their services in the past will be able to tell you how much they appreciated them.

Once you get a good list of referrals you should make sure to actually contact them and see if their projects were similar to the ones you have in mind.

6. Can I Get The Estimate In Writing?

It’s fundamentally important to ask your potential painting contractor if you will be able to get the estimate for your painting project in writing.

If they will not put the estimate in writing, you should be wary of using the contractor as you have no real way of knowing if they’ll stick to the estimate they give you or will give you one estimate and then go back and say they actually meant something else!

7. How Long Will The Painting Project Take

Lastly, you should be able to ask your painting contractor how long the project will take.

Any good painting contractor should be able to give you a rough estimate of how long it will take given a number of variables.

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