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5 Interior Painting Preparation Tips You Should Always Follow in Wrentham, MA

In painting the interior of your home, you may be well aware that one of the most important things that you can do in order to make things go well is to be well prepared.

Of course, since you’re going to be painting the interior of your home you should realize that things are not going to be quite the same as when you are painting an exterior space — and there are some fundamental differences in how you should prepare for each of the different paint projects.

Let’s now look at and consider five interior painting preparation tips you should always follow in Wrentham, MA.

1. Make  A Full Plan First

One of the first and possibly most important tips that you’re going to have to follow when you’re looking to paint any given interior space is that you should have a fully written plan for the painting project well before you even touch the paintbrush or paint roller for the first time.

This is going to be quite significant because you need to do things such as measuring the space that you’re going to be painting and then determining based on those measurements two key things — how much paint you are going to need in order to paint the surfaces as well as how long it is going to take you to paint.

When you know how much paint you are going to need you don’t waste a lot of money on paint that you aren’t going to use – and when you can tell how long the painting will take you can properly plan out the project so that the time you are waiting for things to dry is scheduled for times you can be doing things like sleeping.

2. Fully Clean The Area

An important part of preparing the area that is going to be painted is the cleaning part — you aren’t going to want to be painting over a dirty wall and you certainly don’t want to have any dust or dirt on the floor while you are painting.

This also means that you should try to remove as much of the furniture from the room — the less furniture you have in the room, the less that will be in the way to possibly trip you up and maybe even get paint dripped upon it.

3. Cover The Floor Appropriately

Now that you’re going to have a properly cleaned and cleared space, it’s a good idea to cover the floor in an appropriate manner — making use of it. a heavy drop cloth to protect it from paint spills.

The use of a heavier drop cloth is better than one that is lightweight and perhaps made of cheap plastic as these lighter drop cloths are going to have a tendency to shift and uncover the floor, thus fundamentally defeating the purpose of having them.

4. Sand All Surfaces To Be Painted

Any time you are looking to apply paint to a surface, you should make sure that the surface being painted is as smooth as possible — that is one of the key rules to painting whether you are painting your home interior or exterior.

By taking some sandpaper and gently sanding the surface, you are going to have a surface that is a lot more smooth and therefore easy to paint than if you were to just paint the surfaces of your home interior as-is with no preparatory work.

5. Make Sure Surfaces Are Clean And Dry

One more key thing to remember when you are getting ready to paint your home interior and is to make sure that the surfaces that you are looking to paint are both clean and dry.

They must be clean because as stated above, painting on a dirty wall is a mistake.

They must also be dry because most painting problems arise when people try to paint a wet surface — and this is not a good thing for the painting project.

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