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7 Ideas for a Comfortable Family Room in Wrentham, MA

While living rooms have become the definitive room for entertaining and relaxing in many modern homes, there is much to be said for the traditional family room and its separation from a formal living room.

Having a place where your family can be themselves without worrying about being untidy when visitors drop by unannounced or can embrace all their fandoms visually creates a small world unto its own.

Let’s get your space started with seven ideas for a comfortable family room in Wrentham, MA.

1. Bring on the wet bar

Family rooms are there to accommodate movie nights, game playing, and general time together so adding in a stocked mini-fridge and bar can keep drinks and snacks conveniently close at hand.

This comes in handy when you don’t have to pause your favorite shows and movies to run to the kitchen and it elevates the usefulness of the room when guests are included.

2. Sprinkle in heirlooms

When considering interior design in a new home we often have a theme in mind and heirlooms don’t always match the color scheme or patterns.

Incorporating these pieces into a family room adds both character and nostalgia — deepening the homey feeling of the space.

This is also a way to pay homage to your ancestors by including them in your daily life and letting their legacy exist in your home.

3. Showcase your interests

You may not want your Lego collection or vintage Barbie dolls to be the first thing people see when entering your home as they would be in a living room — however, as a part of your personality, having them in your family room adds a touch of personalization.

Not only can you display your lovingly curated items as decor but you can also set up space for continuing these hobbies.

Having a table set up for building train sets, model cars or other hands-on hobbies gives your family room the opportunity to be more than just an entertainment hub.

4. Don’t worry about being matchy

Do you have a comfy recliner that has been with you for a decade and, despite the cat scratches and drink stains, you simply can’t part with it?

Put it in the family room where all the furniture is expected to be there for comfort and relaxation.

That’s not to say that there is a lack of style in mismatched or lovingly worn furnishings — oftentimes they can give a home a more welcoming feeling than one with a brand new, coordinated set.

5. Put in shelving

Shelving will help display a variety of hobbies but also provide smart storage for books, movies, and albums or CDs.

You can keep your collections close at hand and organized to your tastes for easy access — we all know at least one person who alphabetizes their movies.

Not only can they be valuable storage but shelving also gives a room a cozy atmosphere that welcomes the inhabitants to stay for a while and browse their contents.

6. Carve out a reading nook

Family rooms invite everyone to spend time together and, for bibliophiles, that can sometimes mean you’re snuggled up next to someone else with your mind in the pages of a book.

Embrace these family members by putting them in chairs with ottomans that beg to be read in for hours on end and place them by the shelves that contain family favorite tomes.

For families with littles, a story area can be made in the reading nook to bring everyone together comfortably.

7. Create a family art gallery

Finally, consider framing your family’s drawings, paintings, and other accomplishments as a personal gallery wall.

Rather than designating the front of your refrigerator for these pieces, you can give them a more permanent home that makes you smile when you look at the wall.

Guests can see more about your family from these works of art than all the studio portraits lining your hallway.

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