Interior Painting

Our Interior Painting Process

  • A mat is placed at entranceway and shoe covers are worn while we set up for your interior painting project.
  • Furniture (if applicable) is moved to the middle of the room(s) prior to the interior painting or staining of walls, ceilings, cabinet painting, or trim.
  • Floors are covered with rosin paper and drop cloths before any painting or staining work begins.
  • Furniture, cabinets, counter tops, etc., are draped with plastic before interior painting or staining.
  • Painters masking tape is applied where necessary before any interior painting or staining work is performed.
  • Outlet and light switch covers are removed and taped off prior to painting or staining.
  • Drywall repair work is completed if necessary and spot primed prior to painting or staining.
  • Interior painting or staining is completed by our painters in a professional, timely manner.
  • Final clean up and reassembly of the work area is completed by our painters.
  • A final walk through is performed with the client to ensure that the interior painting or staining was completed as specified. PDCA standards will be used as a guideline for inspection of all surfaces.
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