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7 Tricks For Cleaning Your Roof in Wrentham, MA

One of the things that people that are owning a home for the first time don’t realize is that part of the responsibilities that come with home ownership involves the exterior cleaning — and this exterior cleaning extends to the roof as well.

Of course, there is more to cleaning your typical roof than just getting up to access it and removing anything on there that doesn’t belong — if it were so easy, anyone and everyone would be doing it.

Here are seven tricks for cleaning your roof in Wrentham, MA

1. Steady Your Ladder

In order to get up to your roof, you might think that you will be like any good romantic comedy and climb out the window — but this is not actually the best way to access the roof nor to clean it (more on this later.)

Indeed, it is better to access the roof via a ladder, which you will raise up near your home exterior and climb up so that you have access to the roof.

The important thing when you put up your ladder is that you make sure that it is steady — of course it’s best if the ladder is held by someone that will ensure that it will not fall but if you can’t find help for that, get the ladder as steady as possible.

2. Wear Goggles And Gloves

It might seem a bit much to wear goggles and gloves when you are doing something that seems as simple as cleaning your roof but rest assured, it is entirely necessary.

Some of the things you will be cleaning from your roof are sharp enough to pierce your skin if you grasp them the wrong way, and as for your eyes — just the act of cleaning the roof can kick up small particles that can easily irritate your eyes.

3. Be Wary Of Being On The Roof

There is a bit of peril involved in getting on your roof when you are looking to clean it.

Specifically, there’s a possibility you will cause damage to the roof and possibly worse, to yourself so to speak if you take a spill off the roof.

Better to access the roof from a ladder or a scaffolding system that you can build.

4. Don’t Leaf It Alone

When you look up on your roof and you see a fairly substantial pile of leaves on there from a good fall, you might think it’s okay to let them stay as they could have a nice look to them.

This would be a mistake, however — leaves you allow to stay on your roof could possibly become damp over time which would in turn possibly rot and then do damage to your roof.

It’s a good idea to remove the leaves before they can do such a thing.

5. Trim Branches

Stray branches that are close to your roof may not seem to be any sort of a threat but when there are powerful winds, these branches can cause damage.

The best thing to do is to trim the branches before they can scratch up your roof and possibly even remove pieces of it.

6. Avoid A Sunny Day

Sunny days are generally pleasant, but when you’re cleaning the roof with any kind of cleaning solution an overcast day is better.

This is because the solution may come to evaporate more quickly on the sunnier days, reducing the effect that the cleaner has on the roof.

7. Work From Top To Bottom

When you’re cleaning things off of your roof, you’re going to want to work your way from the higher parts and go down.

If it’s not inherently clear why this is a good idea, it is because the washing you do up high can get the lower parts cleaner as you make your way down whereas the reverse would not be the case.

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